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Code for Poland
Technological solutions for societal problems
New technologies and online data are becoming increasingly more important in our daily lives. Code for Poland offers a platform for people to discuss, become knowledgeable and implement technology to help us with societal problems. Code for Poland community is animated by ePanstwo Foundation. The second goal of Code of Poland is to build trust between citizens and the government; this because people are becoming more and more concerned about the enormous amounts of information that the governments has on people. With these two main goals combined, the initiators have the vision that Polish citizens will be conscious about how technological solutions can be used in their daily lives. They want to show that open data can have a positive impact. Everyone in Poland can become a member of the Code of Poland community. Together they find solutions for everyday problems. They do this by inventing new apps, bringing together other businesses and research what works, and what doesn’t. These projects will then feed into a database that teaches others how to implement technological solutions in their daily lives. Being part of the team makes you part of a bigger community; Code of Poland wants each individual member to gain trust in each other and overcome cultural or social boundaries, as well as barriers between different sectors. Local meetings will be organised that can bring you into contact with the team members. Examples of applications and websites that already have been made are ‘Plant your street‘, where you can re-design your own neighbourhood, and the app ‘Tristar Eye‘, a sort of Google Maps in which you can see the quality of the streets. Also, the project Plant a Tree is worth taking a look at since it shows the successful partnership of Code for Poland with the city.