• Community building
  • Co-creation
The festival created by children.
Mitt 127 is an initiative by young people for young people from Skärholmen, an outer Stockholm district where 90% of the population has a migration background. Mitt 127 organises festivals, launched educational programs and raises awareness of political issues amongst young people from the area. Through their initiatives, Mitt127 succeeded in creating a local community where everyone is welcome.   What started out as a small-scale festival has developed into a prevention program providing youth in Skärholmen an opportunity to change their lives and futures through participating in society. The initiative has gone far beyond their initial sports events, and now has cultural and professional activities as well. The common thread between the various projects carried out by young people themselves is participation in the community through cooperation and development of group projects. Four years ago, the idea was to create an platform by, for and with young people, adults, authorities, associations and communities, providing opportunities for the district’s children and youth. The organization’s activities are created through a process of respectful meetings, work opportunities, health promotion ,free activities, and finding the right role models. The project put Skärholmens neighborhood on the map as an area where everyone wants to go. One of the success factors of the festival has been the collaboration between local role models and young people, who work together in project groups to create the festival’s promoters and decision-makers.