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CABIFY has arrived in Quito
Traveling around Quito has never been so easy.
Isn’t it difficult when you are in a hurry and you don’t have time for taking a bus or cycle, and getting a taxi seems just impossible due to high rates? This was a daily experience in Quito until recently, when a new car sharing system has been launched to tackle the transport situation. Similar to Uber, Cabify promises change to the way people can experience transport in Quito. In Quito, the daily transportation system serves around 200.000 people. The streets are filled with buses, taxis, bikes, and personal cars. Between an increasing local population and the rise of tourism, the metro, trolley and buses are always full, plus it takes a long time to get somewhere. Although it is really cheap to get from one end to the other in Quito using public transportation, the lack of time efficiency gave way to taxi cooperatives taking over the city. The problem is that with the increased demand, the taxi drivers have started to overprice the ride and take it upon themselves to decide if they want to give you the ride or not. Six months ago, transportation changed with the launch of Cabify, a new car sharing system. Cabify is an international business, that now has an operating office in Quito. The plus side of Cabify is that it improves the transportation system, and it also offers work opportunities for local residents that need extra work, or just can’t manage finding a job. If you want to be part of this car sharing system, you don’t need to pay for expensive actions, you only need a car, and all your legal and personal documents updated. By following these simple rules, you are ready to work as a driver for Cabify, using your car, on your time, your own schedule and you get paid for the number of rides and distance you covered. If you don’t have a car, you can still work as a driver, by obtaining a notarized permission from a car owner that you are allowed to drive his car. As a user of Cabify, the paying system works through a credit card. That is the main reason why it is called an executive mode of transportation. The conditions imposed by the regular taxi cooperative are no longer a problem with this online system. In order to obtain the service, you just have to register, create a user profile and you are ready to order rides. What makes it great is that you only pay for the kilometres of your ride, plus taxes, so you escape the extra charges.   In Quito, Cabify has revolutionized the way to travel. Although the launch of the service was received with a lot of protests from local taxi drivers that felt at risk in terms of job provision, it is rapidly gaining popularity among the community. Nevertheless, it provides an upgrade for the local means of transport in a cheaper way, more comfortable, faster and at any time.
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