La France s'engage

CAP ou pas cap ? is amongst the finalists of “La France s’engage”, a program launched by president François Hollande to encourage future solutions for current urban problems. Out of 800 initiatives, 30 were chosen by l’Elysée to participate in a public election. Based on the outcome of a public vote, 15 projects will have the opportunity to receive support: subsidies, media communication, and participation in a professional network. Your vote would be much appreciated!

CAP* ou pas Cap? (*Comprendre et Agir à Paris – understand and act in Paris), a young and ambitious association, sets out to map out citizen projects in Paris. The association defines itself as a catalyst for citizen innovations and alternatives. On their map, you can discover what is happening near you. The initiatives tackle a very broad range of topics including housing, education, healthcare and environmental issues.

La France s’engage is President’s Hollande’s project aiming to enhance and facilitate the expansion of socially innovative initiatives for the public interest, and citizen-led projects, associations, foundations, and corporations. The challenge is to bring new modes of intervention, in line with the needs of our society.

This is a unique opportunity for Cap ou pas Cap? to receive more funding to support local initiatives.  Voting polls are open until  Friday at 23:59. You can find the website here.

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