Transition tales #2: The dawn of the virtual reality in architecture

In between space and imagination

We continue our storytelling in the largest city of the Baltic States, Riga.

‘Lost in translation’

A picture can say a thousand words. In architecture it says even more, considering that it represents the main mode of communication with society. What happens though when the communication actually becomes limited to the profession? Rendering, visuals, drawings, all these elements are tools that transmit information from the realm of imagination to the one of reality, yet somehow they seem created by architects for architects. How will the future space be managed by failures to understand the reality of the practice? If collaboration is the goal, how can we reach it if our communication is flawed?

These are some of the points discussed by architect Gunita Kulikovska during the TEDx Talks in Riga. Gunita is a Strategic Designer and Curator of Creative Ideas and Projects and also, the founder of VIVIDLY. Arguing for the revolutionary power of VR technology, she works on developing applications in virtual reality that help the decision-making process.

Watch the video bellow to learn more about the VR potential to change the architecture industry.

Transition tales

The stories we present reside at the intersection of planning, culture, politics and economics. We introduce a series of weekly uploads from a number of sources (conferences, interviews, summits), that offer a better image on the way cities are changing and what are the ideas behind this transitioning.

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