Architecture, planning and urban affairs

TrajekT website is open to anybody for publication of news and articles related to spatial culture, life in built environment, architecture, landscape architecture, town planning and design. Since it has been launched in 2003, it became the most popular and most up to date source of information about architecture, spatial planning and urban affairs in Slovenia.

Institute for Physical Culture Trajekt operates as a non-governmental organization in the field of architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning. Trajekt operates a web portal www.trajekt.org , which is designed to spread of technical information, exchange of knowledge and ideas and strengthen professional awareness, organized by the architectural events and issue publications. Trajekt mission is to promote independent democratic debate, the dissemination of information and exchange of views, knowledge and experience.

You are also welcome to contribute with the newspaper. Just be sure you follow the technical requirements.  Contributions can be sent to the email address of the editorial board.

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