The world’s first fossil fuel-free economy

Sweden is taking a huge energy step.

The Guardian reports that Sweden aims to the firs oil-free economy. The country’s attempt to become the world’s first practically oil-free economy is guided by a committee of industrialists, academics, farmers, car makers, civil servants and others, reporting to parliament in several months.

“We want to be both mentally and technically prepared for a world without oil. The plan is a response to global climate change, rising petroleum prices and warnings by some experts that the world may soon be running out of oil.”

The aim is to break fossil-fuel dependency over the course of 15 years, reducing emissions and avoiding a recession a a result of rising oil and gas prices, by expanding wind and solar energy and furthering development of biofuels.

Read the full article by John Vidal for The Guardian here.

Sweden will develop biofuels from its forests. © Mattias Klum/Getty Images via


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