The Politics of Equity: Who owns the city?

Saskia Sassen's public lecture for LSE Cities Urban Age

Leading urban sociologist Saskia Sassen – who identified the global cities dynamic – argued that new and tacit patterns of ownership are having a negative impact on the ‘cityness’, vibrancy and accessibility of urban systems by cutting off parts of the city from public use. Could this form of investment and speculation in cities and buildings be causing de-urbanisation? Watch the full lecture for LSE Cities Urban Age below.

The Urban Age Programme is an international investigation of the spatial and social dynamics of cities centred on an annual conference, research initiative and publication. Since 2005, over ten conferences have been held in rapidly urbanising regions in Africa and Asia, as well as in mature urban regions in the Americas and Europe. As an event, the Urban Age catalyses the exchange of information, experiences and data across a global network of cities. The conferences operate as mobile laboratories, testing and sampling the social and physical characteristics of global cities through expert presentations and testimonials, research, site visits, mapping and informal information exchange. For more information visit the Urban Age website.

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