The Commons Collaborative Economy explodes in Barcelona

An article about Barcelona as an example of a bottom-up transitioning city

Barcelona can be seen as an example of a bottom-up city transition. With a mayor that is known for her activist work in housing rights, Barcelona is a city where civil society actually has a say. Now Barcelona seems to thrive with this new way of organising the city, it is ready to share its success with other cities.

Therefore, Barcelona hosted the Commons Collaborative Economies event, also called the Procomuns event last month. This three day event was attended by participants from 32 countries and focused on commons-oriented peer production and the collaborative economy. An extensive report on what happens during these three days has been written by Ann Marie Utratel and Stacco Troncoso. They have draw a list of interesting conclusions from the event: 

  • There is no ‘Collaborative Economy’ without Commons
  • Cooperatives are the original collaborative legal structure
  • The (sharing) revolution will be feminized
  • The Commons Collaborative ethos needs to make itself visible and coalesce
  • Open Source is the way to go
  • Taking the power back – and not being afraid to use it

Read the full article here.

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