Superblocks to the rescue

The plan is based around the idea of creating mini neighbourhoods around which traffic will flow, and in which spaces will be repurposed to “fill our city with life”

The lack of green spaces, for people’s enjoyment, are influencing their sedentary lifestyles. Traffic is also related to this issue, besides the pollution it causes. The plan involves the reduction of car use by 21% over the next two years and increases mobility by foot, bike and public transport. The main goal is to make residents spend more time on the streets!

“Barcelona’s new plan consists of creating big superilles through a series of gradual interventions that will repurpose existing infrastructure, starting with traffic management through to changing road signs and bus routes. Superblocks will be smaller than neighbourhoods, but bigger than actual blocks. This will first be applied to Eixample neighbourhood and others like Sant Martí, which largely follows the same grid pattern.”

Read the full articles written by Marta Bausells for The guardian here!

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