Sofia In Five Words

Tsars, trams and plays about Tupac

Did you know that Sofia can be described in five words? You will after reading the article by culture journalist and Sofia fan Bistra Andreeva. From the soundrack of rumbling old trams to a rooftop swimming pool that hosts contemporary art, here you can have a look at Sofia’s most interesting characteristics.

Sofia’s top of the playlist? Itzo Hazarta, front man of Bulgaria’s all-time favourite hip hop group. Best local artist? Svetozar Georgiev, AKA Ghost dog, not your average poet.

The look on the street? Sporty to chalga (a popular Balkan music genre associated with provocative cloths), to women on high heels.

The golden comedy? The political cabaret Ulitsata (The Street), based on improvisations and sketches about people’s live after the fall of communism.

Best cultural Instagram? Boyscout is an online guide for “young men with good manners” and has become a much appreciated cultural magazine.

The moment in history? The 2013 anti-government protests.

Best street art? 30bukvi (30 letters), a celebration of the Cyrillic alphabet.

Biggest talking point? The recently erected statue of Tsar Samuil that raised much controversy.


So what is Sofia in five words? Social Behind A Socialist Façade.

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