Riga: a storied city

With vibrant City Makers

‘In Riga, Latvia’s capital city, the past is alive – and complicated.’

Riga is a city rich with a complex history that can be sensed on its cobbled streets.  The multiplicity of influences that have shaped this city is mirrored in its rich intricate details that may not be recognisable at first glance.  For example, the city boasts the largest collection of art nouveau buildings in the world.

‘Despite the prettiness of the historic areas, more recent developments in Riga give it an overall air of shabby and slightly chaotic grandeur. From the spire of St Peter’s church, you can see how the city spreads out from the old town, through art nouveau extravagances, to Soviet apartment blocks, skyscrapers, bridges and the Eiffel-esque TV tower.’

Another striking aspect of the city is the resilience of its people which is particularly visible in the City Makers who are shaping Riga’s future.

‘The younger generation is nonetheless well aware of the weight of history on modern Latvia. Kanepe disbelievingly rolls off a list of the powers to have held sway over the country. “And yet we still speak our language How is this possible?”‘

Discover more of the secrets of Riga in the full article here!

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