Transition Tales #1: reSITE Small Talks

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Our first story takes us to the beautiful city of Prague.

‘We are all human migrants’

reSITE is an international platform based in Prague, that emphasises the importance of collaboration and design thinking as means to improve the life in cities. Continuing their goal of expanding the platform, they have recently released a series of short interviews which present influential ideas and stories from a series of City Makers.

The first talk features Martin Barry, the founder and director of reSITE. He offers a quick perspective on what are the main issues when it comes to creating a platform for intergration and equity in a city that deals with topics such as migration. This follows their event ‘Cities in Migration‘ (16th – 17th June) which took place in Prague and explored topics such as architecture, public space, human networks and public policy.

Watch the inspirational video below.

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The stories we present reside at the intersection of planning, culture, politics and economics. We introduce a series of weekly uploads from a number of sources (conferences, interviews, summits), that offer a better image on the way cities are changing and what are the ideas behind this transitioning.

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Martin Barry
Martin Barry
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