Repair Cafes

Promoting reuse and social cohesion

Repair Café is a meeting place where community members gather and help each other to repair broken equipment. They are free accessible meet-ups whereby neighbors volunteer to repair and restore all sorts of objects. This includes clothes appliances, furniture, bicycles, computers and other electronics. Visitors take their broken belongings to the voluntary experts, such as electricians, seamstresses, carpenters at the Repair Cafe. In the Repair Café tool and material is present in order to carry out all possible repairs. You can find out if your broken object is reparable or is just out of use. Repair Café helps to reduce waste. It also contributes to a change in mentality by warming up people for a sustainable society. The Repair Café is also a social event: neighbors meet in a new way under a practical cause. This leads to new contacts in the area and promotes social cohesion.

Due to the varied nature of repairs, anyone can volunteer as an expert. The areas can include textile, electrical, bicycles, furniture and IT experience. You can even fulfil the role of a host to welcome, register and refer visitors to appropriate repairers.

Network Conscious Consumption is the Flemish partner of the Dutch Foundation Repair Café who started Repair Cafe concept in 2013 in Flanders and Brussels. They support local groups in launching Repair Cafés, among offering free advice and extensive information packages. The foundation play an integrating role by creating a network of active Repair Cafes to build and report information to present on the website. Network Conscious Consumption is currently working with its partners LETS Flanders , Flanders Transitionand Komosie for expanding Repair Cafes in Flanders, with the support of the Flemish government.

An overview of all Repair Cafes can be found here

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