re:Kreators on tape!

Have a look at the video of the first public presentation of the network of European City Makers

“ try and rethink the city, and think about: you live in it, therefore you own part of it. And if you want to do something, just start doing it..and other things will follow.’ (Lizzy Daish, Shuffle Festival)

On February 19 the re:Kreators network presented itself for the first time to the public during a City Makers event in ZOHO Rotterdam. Gergö Hevesi (Stipo) had a short talk with the re:Kreators and made a wonderful video report about the event, during which they shared their experiences with developing areas in an alternative, more cooperative way.

Get an impression of the inspiring practices of Kate MacTiernan and Lizzy Daish, who organise the yearly Shuffle Festival to recreate value in a former psychiatric hospital and graveyard where 350.000 people lay buried in Mile End, East London; Levente Polyak of KÉK Contemporary Architecture Centre in Budapest and their Lakatlan project to revitalize vacant spaces; Dragos Ciulinari and Alma Cazacu who ‘Make a Point‘ with a cultural centre in a former textile factory in Bucharest’s outskirts; Philippe Barre that redeveloped a former military hangar into Darwin Ecosystem, a multipurpose incubator in Bordeaux; and Christian Grauvögel that develops the public Mörchenpark on the Spree waterfront as part of the Holzmarkt cooperation in Berlin.

The public event was a coproduction between AIR, hét architectuurcentrum van Rotterdam and Pakhuis de Zwijger, and formed part of a multiple day programme where the re:Kreators deepened their knowledge around each other’s cases, and explored the potential of a European learning network of cooperative area developers. For an impression of the full re:Kreators programme, have a look here!

Involved city makers
Alma Cazacu
Make a Point
Charlot Schans
Project leader New Europe at Pakhuis de Zwijger
Christian Grauvogel
President Mörchenpark e.V.
Jeroen Laven
Partner Stipo
Hans Karssenberg
Partner Stipo
Kate MacTiernan
Artistic Director at Shuffle Festival
Levente Polyak
KÉK, Budapest
Lizzy Daish
MSc Urban Studies & Shuffle Festival
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