Poly Garden City – Athens micro-CLIMATE City

You can improve the microclimate of the city

“Poly Garden City” is a participative climate adaptation project that integrates green into Athens built environment by fusing buildings and gardens into new hybrid urban typologies.

© Hybrid Space Lab, 2015

An initiative of Hybrid Space Lab (Elizabeth Sikiaridi & Frans Vogelaar) to raise awareness on issues of integration of green space in downtown Athens, the project “Πολυ Garden City” is collaborating via the participative platform of Athens Municipality “SynAthina” with local urban initiatives, linking them with international and Greek expertise.

“Poly Garden City” is the follow-up to the international workshop “Rebooting Polykatoikia” (Πολυκατοικίες ως Θερμοκοιτίδες), which took place during de Zwijger’s Athens fieldtrip “Co-Creating the City: Athens” in December 2014.

© Hybrid Space Lab, 2015

© Hybrid Space Lab, 2015

As streets are narrow and will before long be occupied by cars, a strategy for greening Athens should focus on integrating green into the modernist housing “polykatoikies” (πολυκατοικιες). Small and inexpensive interventions can significantly improve the microclimate of the city – and the quality of life for citizens:

* Vegetable gardens on the balconies!

* Gardens in the spaces between the buildings!

* Green rooftops with endemic plants!

* Lively green terraces!

* Smart water management!

* Smart Climate City!

© Hybrid Space Lab, 2015

A public campaign communicates the vision of Athens as a “Πολυ Garden City”. While citizens realize green projects in Athens, workshops help infuse expertise into these citizens’ bottom-up initiatives. The project is documented via a crowd-sourcing platform that connects experts and citizens.

© Hybrid Space Lab, 2015

Hybrid Space Lab (Prof. Elizabeth Sikiaridi & Prof. Frans Vogelaar) has a long record of international projects with a strong focus on urban sustainability, from «Solar Energy, Electro-mobility and Sustainable Tourism» for the Sultanate of Oman to «Biosphere City» for Beijing/CN and «Humboldt Jungle» for the new international cultural center Humboldt Forum in Berlin/DE.

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