On the Future of Paris and Transnational Cities

Jean-Louis Missika, Assistant Mayor in charge of the Grand Paris project shares his views on creativity, the digital age and the city

In their article titled “Liberté, Digitalité and Créativité”, MONU Magazine discusses with the Assistant Mayor of Paris, Jean-Louis Missika, who is also in charge of the Grand Paris project which has the ambition of transforming the French capital for the needs of our century.

Among other interesting themes such as the decline of the nation-state, smart cities, 3D printing or the future biggest incubator in the world, a short bit on the responsibility of citizens in the city making caught our attention:

One of the main ideas now is, for example, the participation of the citizens in processes. I think that a government that is open to innovation in projects, in which a lot of people are working together, can make a difference.

Hooray, one of us!

Read an excerpt of the article on ArchiDaily here or get the full article via MONU Magazine.

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