Madrid’s Eviction Map

A few dots on a map may sometimes seem tragically trivial.

To better visualize the scale of evictions in the Spanish capital, Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas (VIC) and Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca (PAH Madrid) collaborated to draft an interactive map. The map’s power relies in part in heightening awareness on an issue that affects thousands of Spanish households. Thanks to this tool, one realizes that housing precariousness is not a scattered nor fragmented phenomenon but a tragic everyday reality happening next door.

The data shown by the map do not pretend to be complete or to bring broad conclusions on the issue as they were gathered by STOP Desahucios and PAH Madrid, two associations fighting for the rights of people threatened by evictions. They received 3% of all foreclosures from 2012 to 2014 and conducted 781 actions for 325 households evicted. In total, the two associations fought for 1447 people evicted among which 667 were minors and 251 children under three years of age. These numbers have to be compared to the 25 000 foreclosures carried in Madrid since the start of the housing and financial crisis.

Each dot on the map reveals the year of the foreclosure, the status of the eviction, the number of people in the household, the number of children and, if available, the national origin of the household.

What can be observed from the data of the map?

  • Geographically, the evictions in Madrid occurred mainly in Southern neighborhoods (such as Vallecas or Carabanchel).
  • From the 325 concerned households, 55% were of Spanish nationality, the rest originated from Latin American countries and African countries.
  • Of the 1.447 evicted, 667 were minor (46% of the total) and 251 (18%) of these were under three years old.

About the status of the execution of the eviction:

  • Enforced: 150 (20% of the total). Evictions that were not able to be stopped or suspended despite the work of PAH and Stop Desahucios.
  • Stopped: 277 (35% of the total). The citizen action prevented the execution of the eviction on the day. The police could not enter the housing.
  • Suspended: 247 (32% of the total). The eviction has been temporally suspended thanks to the mediating and administrative help of PAH.
  • No follow-through: 107 (13% of the total). The eviction has been notified without a date of enforcement. PAH-Madrid helps the household by explaining the processes and the support they give.
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