Kickstarter PBC – a Public Benefit Corporation

Kickstarter pledges to place creative cultivation over profit

Kickstarter – a global crowdfunding platform focused on creativity – has always been on a social mission to support the creative community and by becoming a Public Benefit Corporation is now legally bound to it. Last year, Kickstarter became a certified B-Corporation, a voluntary model that requires detailed assessments of the company’s social and environmental impact. Determined to take it a step further, the company decided to become a Public Benefit Corporation, steering away from a focus only on profits towards an emphasis a public service for creativity.

As a public benefit corporation, Kickstarter commits to officially pursue social good, more specifically by supporting creative projects. They are required to consider the broader public impact of their business decisions and strategies, rather than potential profit alone. As a certified B Corp, on top of that, they are required to conduct detailed assessments every two years of their social and environmental implications of their company’s decisions, ranging from labour conditions, worker benefits to their carbon footprint.

“From Kickstarter’s inception, we’ve focused on serving artists, creators, and audiences to help bring creative projects to life. Our new status as a Benefit Corporation hard-codes that mission at the deepest level possible to guide us, and future leaders of Kickstarter.” (

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