Help refugees in 28 languages

German volunteers bundled 300 translated phrases into a crowdsourced phrasebook

In German, it’s Ich will Ihnen helfen. In phonetic Arabic, of course, it sounds very different: Biddi sa’dak. In Dari, a Persian variant spoken in Afghanistan, it’sMekhaayam shoma ra komak konam. In English: I want to help you.

The volunteers met on a Facebook group for Germans who wanted to find a way to help with their country’s ongoing migrant crisis. So far, they’ve collected over 300 sentences in 28 languages, Urdu, Turkish, French, Icelandic, and dialects of Kurdish among them. The easily accessible phrasebook —divided into three sections for general, medical and juridical needs—provides useful language for both refugees and those who want to help them.

Read the article about the crowdsourced phrasebook by Aarian Marshall for GOOD here.

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