Habitat III Village Projects

Urban solutions, projects, and interventions as a live model and legacy of the New Urban Agenda in Quito

Habitat III selected more than 40 proposals for the Habitat III Village ‘a unique space open to all where urban innovations and solutions will be showcased to reflect on urban planning, management and sustainable development’. 

The Habitat III Village is located throughout the city for which UN-Habitat appointed certain streets, public spaces and neighbourhoods in Quito to allow for the implementation innovative projects. Not surprisingly, a lot of the successful proposals for the Habitat III Village came from City Makers in Quito. They came up with plans to enliven public spaces like EcuArt with an Open Air Gallery and Fundacion Avina with the Edible City project focusing on urban agriculture. OPUS La Mariscal experiments with self-governance of the neighbourhood and has plans to implement tactical urbanism interventions, develop a community centre and a model for direct democracy. And the project ‘I want to swim in my river, the Machangara Beach’ raises awareness around the pollution of the river and presents opportunities to transform it into a place for recreation.

Who are these City Makers, and what are their plans? Read more about the different projects and join our event, Fabrica Ciudad #1: Viva Habitat, Viva Quito! on September 2. City Makers are invited to present their project plans towards Habitat III.

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