FragNebenAn – An online platform for neighbours

The remedy for anonymity in the big city

FragNebenAn is an online platform that offers the possibility for neighbours to connect. The anonymity that many big city-inhabitants experience can feel as a loss. FrabNebenAn is the solution for everyone who wants to connect to their neighbours and make use of each others talents. The platform offers space for neighbours to ask questions like: who knows a good mechanic that can repair my car? Or: Can somebody lend me a drill? Knowledge and goods within a small community of neighbours can be accumulated throughout this network. You have the opportunity to help a neighbour or to be helped by them.

The organisation of FragNebenAn has an office in Vienna, in a building called Das Packhaus. For now, the platform is only available for citizens in Vienna, but it might expand to other cities in Austria, Germany and Switzerland as well. The initiators came up with the idea to start the platform because they felt that they didn’t know their neighbours any more. They wanted to act upon this because the talents, interests, but also the needs of individuals in a community gets lost.

The platform is for young and old, everyone can participate. Next to the platform where neighbours can connect, a blog has been set up as well, general information and certain highlights in the neighbourhood are shared here.

If you leave in Vienna yourself, you can register here.

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