Finland considering ‘pilot accelerator’ platform

A study supporting a Finnish 'pilot accelerator' funding platform.

A study conducted by Demos Helsinki and the Finnish Environment Institute proposes a digital funding platform launching one hundred small-scale pilots and offer them support through a pilot accelerator. Such a digital crowdfunding platform would connect experimenters and experiment financiers together, open up grant funding, and encourage exchange of information and know-how. The platform itself would be a pilot project to test flexible multi-channel funding and compare the costs and benefits of various experiments.

“Establishing a funding platform for experimenting and piloting would be a great way to promote experimental activities.The objective would be to help scale the models of the experiments and allow the required support to be offered through “pilot accelerators” for those conducting the experiments. A digital platform would be established as a response to funding-related issues, allowing crowdfunding to be used as the funding model for experiments and pilots: this way, the experiments could receive state funding, but also funding from other sources, such as enterprises, foundations and associations.”

The practical model and details of the funding platform operations are currently being prepared by the Prime Minister’s Office.

Demos Helsinki

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