Hack the city

Fabrique/Hacktion re-appropriates public spaces by creating and installing improvements on urban furniture. Its action aims at making the city better suited to everyone’s needs.

The initiative Fabrique/Hacktion rose from an idea of three students of the ENSCI (Ecole Normal Supérieure de Création Industrielle). They wanted to apply their creating knowledge and imagination to the urban environment.

The conception of each piece is a product of machines found in fablabs (e.g. 3D printers) and traditional production tools (e.g. molds). Thanks to these devices, the pieces can be custom made to be adjusted to the situation and fulfill the intended purpose.

As an exemple of their innovations here is the video of their newspaper hanger for the Parisian subway.

You can download the 3D files and the instruction manuals of the pieces, presented in short videos, on the website of the initiative.  An online map of the French capital allows you to find them in their environment and use them. This material allows you to reproduce the inventions and take part in the improvement of your surroundings.

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