Downtown Dublin Is Getting Rid Of Cars

Known for the worst traffic jams, Dublin is radically changing

Dublin is known for its traffic jams, and they could increase as the city is quickly growing. However, Dublin will soon radically change that reputation as it is planning to transform a major part of its city center into a car-free area, so says the article by Adele Peters.

The proposed plan envisions major streets as car-free plazas, promenades, or terraces. It also includes a new tramline, and special passages for buses and bikes including new bike lanes. The plan still needs public approval, but the municipality is optimistic about the changes and the Dubliners’ attitude towards this plan. “The true test of a civilized city is whether you can let go of your child’s hand and allow them to explore the city by themselves. That is our ultimate goal.”

The city also expects to draw more people to its reformed, more livable center and revive the heart of Dublin. Also, the municipality is positive about the impact the change will have not only on the residents, but also on business and tourism.

Moreover, Dublin is not alone. Other European cities such as Paris, Brussels, and Madrid have several plans.

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