Dear Europe

An open letter to Europe, from the Czech Republic

Prepare to be moved by an open letter to Europe and Euopeans, written and signed by Czech citizens expressing their solidarity with the refugees coming the Czech Republic. Read an excerpt of the letter below and find the full letter here.

Please believe that we are in solidarity with people who were deprived of their homes, who are unable to raise and educate their children and develop their intellectual abilities in peace, who are unable, in short, to lead a completely normal life. And we, like you, are ashamed of the reaction and inaction of our government bodies, and so we decided to do something about it ourselves.

Dear Czech government, dear Mr. President, stop being afraid. Please tell the people who are our cultural kin, more closely related than you are willing to admit, that they are not our enemies. Do not treat them like criminals. Let us work together to better address how we can help them. We want to be educated, cultured, and generous. So let’s act that way, even towards people in need. Do not worry, we will not abandon you in this. There are a lot of things we can do for you, so that you will have the strength to solve serious political problems that threaten Europe.

Dear Europe, don’t lose patience with us. We assure you, we are capable of doing a lot!

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