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Get to know Rauniokaupunki cultural association through Jaakko Blomberg

The author introduces Rauniokaupunki cultural association in the town of Kajaani, North of Finland. It is a great example of how community participation can lead to culture activism against a proposal to cut down the financial support on cultural activities.

The community spirit can also be seen in the organization of events. Participation has been open to all, and many of those taking part have simply turned up and tugged someone’s sleeve. At times, similar ideas from different people were combined. The musicians taking part in the events have been put up in the organizers’ homes. Cooperation like this is absolutely necessary in a small town like Kajaani, where resources are limited. Leinonen sums up: “Kajaani is a fantastic place to work: I have simply asked local vocational schools, theatres and other parties to help, and help has been offered very willingly.”

Jaakko Blomberg (Yhteisma)

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Jaakko Blomberg
Yhteismaa, Helsinki
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