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See the similarities between initiatives all over Europe

The event ‘Funding the Cooperative City‘ will take place from the 6th of April until the 8th of April in Budapest, Hungary. This event will bring together cooperative initiatives from European capitals to discuss the opportunities they have and the challenges they face. It is part of the Funding the Cooperative Series, in which the cities Madrid, Rome and Rotterdam will also host workshops.

In preparation of Funding the Cooperative City, the initiators of Eutropian – the organisers of the event – did an open call for cooperative cities to share their stories. A total of 81 initiatives responded to this call and their stories will be shared on the Facebook page of Eutropian. Also, a beautiful overview is written about initiatives that stand out, and in which their cooperative elements are highlighted. You can read the full article here and explore the stories of many interesting initiatives.

Involved city makers
Levente Polyak
KÉK, Budapest
Daniela Patti
Architect and planner at Eutropian, Rome
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in Budapest
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