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The Romanian capital Bucharest is inescapably tied to communism and the revolution of ’89. Few other places offer views of such sprawling, uniform greyness, and in no other city will you find a monument to personal self-glorification quite like the People’s Palace.

This week we will highlight the citybook of Bucharest, where five authors and one photographer share their experiences in Bucharest.

Photographer Christian Binder has made a beautiful photo series of Bucharest, where he captured how the city has slowly westernized through photographing western stores and advertisements.

The podcasts vary widely in topic, from applying the Dutch custom of biking in Bucharest by Jaap Faber to Adrian Schiop’s experience with the city’s nightlife. You can discover the Bucharest citybook here.

This citybook is made by the organization deBuren in collaboration with Asociatia Heritage.

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