citybooks: tell me a story

Discover new European cities in the comfort of your own home

citybooks is an initiative of deBuren where in each ‘book’,  five authors and one photographer share their insights and experiences.

The citybooks are available as podcasts and in text-format, published in © CitybooksDutch, English, French and the local language, which is why you can find citybooks in languages like Portuguese, Afrikaans and Romanian. European as well as cities all over the world are picked out to be discovered on the website. The authors are not necessarily natives in the places they write about, but feel connected to the city because of work, studies or travel. Not only famous writers are chosen, upcoming authors  also have the chance to share their stories. The citybooks are available for free and you can find them online.

We will place an update from time to time to keep you posted on new available city books.

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