A space for citizens to communicate about ideas for their city.

CitizenLab is a civic engagement platform on which citizens co-create their city. Their solution is an intermediary and instrument for cities to make decision-making more democratic, more transparent and more collaborative.

“No one can beat the wisdom of the crowd”.

As an unstoppable urbanization is taking place and cities might become more important than nations, at Citizenlab they believe it’s time to unlock the powerhouse of collective intelligence that is residing in those cities. It’s CitizenLab’s mission to shape citizen participation for the digital age.

Engaged citizens who want to participate can visit the platform. Upon entering their city, they are guided to a collection of ‘labs’, categorised under education, health and public spaces and other themes. The platform allows participants to post new ideas, join existing discussions  and vote on interesting topics and conversations. The platform can be a useful tool for local governments as a resource to discover the priorities of its citizens. Ongoing discussions can easily be responded on, allowing for direct interaction and consultation of public opinion and local insights. Further down the road local governments might recognise and acknowledge the most vital issues discussed and take them to city council for discussion.

They are a remotely working team based in Brussels, Tokyo and Jakarta. The only thing that matters is having the same purpose and getting stuff done. The platform is designed to host positive ideas, rather than raise issues.


Citizenlab and the City Makers Agenda

Input for the City Makers Agenda is currently generated through offline and online meetings of New Europe and Nieuw Nederland. We will use Citizenlab to take a step further and encourage discussion and knowledge-sharing.

All of our Citizenlab’s page activities will in English in order to ensure accessibility for participants from both our Dutch and European network. Citizenlab will be an approachable place for discussions around the assumptions surrounding City Making.

  • What are the shared values of City Makers
  • Which obstacles do City Makers face?
  • What do City Makers need to continue their work?

Based on interviews, news items and more in-depth analyses from our partners we will start discussions in which everyone from both the Nieuw Nederland and Nieuw Amsterdam network can participate.

You can find our Citizenlab page below:


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