Cap ou pas Cap? Comprendre et Agir à Paris

Mapping social initiatives in Paris

CAP* ou pas Cap? (*Comprendre et Agir à Paris – understand and act in Paris), a young and ambitious association, sets out to map out citizen projects in Paris. The association defines itself as a catalyst for citizen innovations and alternatives. On their map, you can discover what is happening near you. The initiatives tackle a very broad range of topics including housing, education, healthcare and environmental issues. They recently launched a brand new website on which they are working hard to keep it updated. They are also very active on their Facebook page and Twitter account. If you know about an initiative that is not on it, just let them know in “signaler une alternative“.

Behind the initiative, Jean-Christophe Taghavi, an urban activist who had the simple idea of creating an online platform to gather Parisian social initiatives. His idea came from an observation: citizen initiatives exist all over the city but they are too often working solo and few create projects together. Jean-Christophe also feels it is a shame that the media generally reports more on the social problems than on possible solutions.

An ongoing project of Cap ou Pas Cap? is to open a Parisian house/platform for local initiatives, a Maison des Citoyens (House of Citizens). It would be a place where people would meet, exchange on social issues in their neighbourhood, and perhaps put together their ideas to develop innovative projects.

At New Europe – Cities in Transition, we do our best in creating a dialogue between city makers around Europe. Cap ou pas Cap? is one of these projects in which we recognise ourselves and that we obviously endorse.

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Cap ou pas Cap? (Comprendre et Agir à Paris)
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