A place to remember | Call for Proposals now open

Submit your proposal for the Placemaking Week 2017, organised by Project for Public Spaces and Pakhuis de Zwijger.

“We need to turn everything upside-down to get it right-side-up to get from inadequate to extraordinary.” — Fred Kent, Project for Public Spaces (PPS)

The Placemaking Week 2017 in October is an opportunity to join activists and leaders from around the world to envision a place-led future for cities. To make sure that you are able to both attend and share your work with conference attendees from across the world, Project for Public Spaces is offering access to the Call for Proposals.

Placemaking Week is an international gathering of placemaking thinkers and practitioners. This year, the week will consist of 4 days of programming – October 11th will be an arrival day with an event, day tours and workshops, October 12th/13th will be two full days of programming held at Pakhuis de Zwijger, and October 14th will be an optional day of workshops and tours. The aim of Placemaking Week 2017 is to bring together activists, practitioners and city makers from all over the world to share the stories, projects, and innovations that are making placemaking one of the most critical movements of the 21st century. 

Re-think the city ©Project for Public Spaces

The main four themes this year will focus on:

  • Placemaking and Innovation
  • Equity & Well-being
  • Place-led Development/City Making
  • Streets as Places/Transportation

With questions like: How can placemaking help accelerate economic development and expand economic opportunity for all? How can we make places more healthy, safe and inclusive? And how can we design streets to be dynamic public spaces that can increase livability standards? On these topics, you can hand in your proposal for the upcoming Placemaking Week. 

Shaping the city ©Project for Public Spaces

Feeling inspired? Submit your proposal until Friday April 28th, 5pm and witness one of the most essential urban movements of the 21st century.

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