BAM 3D concrete printer at FabCity Campus

Part of the production of the Landscape House moved to the FabCity Campus.

This year, the innovative 3D concrete printer from BAM will be in one of the makerspaces on the FabCity Campus at the Head of Java Amsterdam. FabCity is part of the cultural programme of the Dutch chairmanship for the European Union. On the website of Europe by People, an interview is published with Chris Jonkers about the 3D printer. 

The BAM 3D concrete printer can produce every conceivable form to a size of 18 square meters. The printer is fabricated in Italy, where they also have a printer of ten by ten meters. This way of 3D concrete printing is a breakthrough concerning building with concrete.

The project manager at BAM, Chris Jonkers, tells us in the interview that on the Campus, BAM will experiment with different types of sand. This involves a research on how to use sand from the Northsea and The IJ river in Amsterdam. This is a big difference from the sand from the Dolomites that has been used previously.

“I can’t wait to demonstrate the 3D concrete printer at the FabCity Campus.” – Chris Jonkers, projectmanager at BAM.

Besides the research, some production will also take place at the FabCity Campus. A part of the production of the Landscape House will be moved to the Campus. This is a collaborating project with the Amsterdam University Architects and BAM. In 2017 the Landscape House will be finished and it will serve as an exhibition space at the Amsterdam Finance district, the Zuidas.

The 3D concrete printer will be at the FabCity Campus from April 11 untill June 24th .

Click here to read the interview with Chris Jonkers and learn more about the 3D concrete printer.

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