Airbnb vs. Berlin

What can the numbers tell us?

For those who understand German: a great research piece on the effects Airbnb, one of the most (commercial) successful examples of the so-called sharing economy, is having on Berlin.

The rents in Berlin are rising, a fact that is often attributed to the rising numbers of tourists and short stays facilitated through services like Airbnb. The argument generally states that rooms on Airbnb rent out for much more money a night than a regular room. Therefore regular rooms are snatched from the market and rented out for hotel purposes only, leaving less housing stock for people living in Berlin.


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The publication titled Airbnb vs. Berlin sets out to see how data supports this opinion. The publication is filled with great interactive visual data representations. The publication even shows you their actual raw data, openly accessible by clicking on links that lead you to the used excel sheets.

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