Cityscoot: a new electric scooters share service

The company behind the project plans on deploying one thousand 100% electric shared electric scooters in 2016

After the Vélib’ and the Autolib’, the city of Paris is making space for the Cityscoot, a new 100% electric scooter share service. The service works along with a smartphone application that indicates the user where to find an available scooter.

Introduced by the company as very simple (“in 3 clicks”), one can reserve a scooter via the application maximum 15 minutes before using it and it costs 3€/15min to ride it. Once done, the user simply leaves the scooter in one of the free-floating zone. The location of said zones will be indicated on the application as well as on the scooter itself thanks to geo-localization. The service is currently being experimented with 70 scooters across the city but the company behind the project plans on deploying 1000 similar scooters next year.

The city of Paris will provide help to Cityscoot by letting it use the 300 charging stations of the already successful Autolib’, the electric car share service launched in 2011 (on a side note, private owners of electric vehicles can themselves subscribe for a low fee and access to Autolib’s charging stations). In addition to this, the city Mayor, Anne Hidalgo, promised the creation of 20 000 parking lots for two wheelers by 2020 along with new charging stations.

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