Lucas de Man: In Search of Europe

A theatre show on understanding current time in European and individual context.

This theatre performance is part of the City Maker Summit that will take place from May 27 through the 30th.  Make sure to register here!

A theatre show on understanding current time, both in European and in individual context. Theatre maker Lucas De Man embarked on a journey trying to find Europe. In seven different countries he interviewed creators and experts on the contemporaries of Hieronymus Bosch. He presents a theatrical report of his journey – the many meetings, images, discussions and insights he collected.

Aiming to gain a better insight and understanding of our current time, both in European and in individual context, Lucas went on a journey through Europe with a team of creative professionals. He met with contemporary creators (artists and creatives in the broadest sense including writers, thinkers, makers) and experts on Hieronymus Bosch’s contemporaries. These are what we call historic visionaries that influenced the development of Europe: Erasmus, Thomas More, Copernicus, Machiavelli, Columbus, Luther, Mehmet II and the classic Athens School of philosophers that inspired them. Lucas travelled to cities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey and Greece.

I’m going on this journey because I want to understand our current time better, both in the European and in the individual context. I am very interested contextualizing contemporary Young Visionaries better by looking back at Historic Visionaries from around Jheronimus Bosch’ times. This way I hope to learn something about what I can do in and for society today.

During his journey Lucas de Man gathered information for his  for the theatre show “Rümke en De Man Door Europa” , a theatrical travel report premiering on Theaterfestival Boulevard (6 – 16 aug 2015). In Search of Europe continues in 2016.

Friday May 27 Lucas de Man will perform his show in Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam as part of the New Europe City Makers Summit on May 27 – 30. Make sure to check out the programme and sign up below.

New Europe City Makers Summit

Lucas De Man of art project In Search of Europe travelled 8 countries and 17 cities in Europe with his team of creative professionals, searching for innovative and inspiring individuals, and creative thinkers and makers. By starting a dialogue with this new generation he tries to find a opportunities and ideas about living together in a time of transition. Read about his insights and thoughts about their journey here.

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