The first community cinema in Italy.
via della viola , Perugia

After years of abandonment, a historical cinema d’essay is re-born as a place for local community. The old town of Perugia is embracing Postmodernissmo, a movement and place that wants to aggregate people and entertain them with high quality films, while switching on the lights in a place forgotten for many years.

Perugia, a wonderful town in the heart of Italy, a town with beautiful streets that have their own character and story. One of these streets is “Via delle viola”. After years of decay, “Via delle viole” (Violet Street) has been re-born thanks to the work of a residents association that managed the re-opening of Postmodernissmo, a beautiful old cinema located on the street.

Managing a cinema was the dream of three friends, who are now the animators of this place. The occasion arrived few years ago, when they met the owner of this historical cinema of Perugia. The Postmodernissmo cinema was a famous place from opening, at the beginnings of the 19th Century,  and has always been a milestone of cinema d’essay.

Throughout time, the developments on the new part of the town brought new modern cinemas and technologies. The steady decrease of customers caused the closing of the cinema in 2000. This closure is also a result of a wider depopulation process in the old town. New neighbourhoods have attracted more people and the decrease of available dwellings in the old part of town has led to many problems such as dereliction and criminality.

After 14 years, a local initiative started their Perugian adventure. The mission of Postmodernissimo is not only to re-open the old cinema and present high-quality films, but also to be a friendly place for the local community. The first sign of this connection with the neighbourhood was the wide participation of people in the crowdfunding campaign for the re-opening. It is important to keep in mind that the cinema holds not only cultural value, but it is also a community landmark.

Nowadays, Postmodernissimo is more than just a cinema, it also hosts a live music bar where people experience the place as their own. As part of the community inclusion process, locals are able to make their own suggestions on what films are going to be screened and what other activities can take place at the cinema. Moreover, Postmodernissmo is working alongside other community initiatives for the revitalization of the street, bringing people together and promoting cultural events.

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