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Zdrojovna is a project based in Prague that collects furniture, clothes and other things that people do not use any more. The idea came from Blanka Havlíčková, one of the owners of Zdrojovna. She studied in France and saw how lots of people were re-using others peoples ‘waste’. However, when she returned to Prague she found out that people would just throw away things they don’t need anymore. The municipality then destroys these materials; this waste of material had to be stopped and Zdrojovna was born. 

The initiators of Zdrojovna now have access to their own warehouse, where they can – free of rent – store the objects they collect. It now has a free shop concept; people that want to get rid of things, can bring them there. While people who need something simply take what they need. In this way, you create a win-win situation for both. And what is so nice about this specific initiative is that it also offers workshops to show you what you can do with your new found treasures. Workshops like sewing and making your own furniture are given to make people aware of the possibilities of re-using materials. Everyone is welcome to join, from young families to students to elderly people. Specifically for Erasmus students, who will only stay in the city for a few months, this concept proves to be valuable.

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