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A non-profit organisation has opened Denmark’s first ever food surplus supermarket. The store in capital city Copenhagen called Wefood sells products at prices 30 to 50 per cent cheaper than in normal supermarkets. In the last five years, Denmark has reduced its amount of food waste by 25 per cent.

“A supermarket like WeFood makes so much sense and is an important step in the battle to combat food waste.” – Eva Kjer Hansen, Danish Minister for Food and the Environment

WeFood offers a variety of foods including bread, fruit and vegetables, diary, meats, frozen goods and dry foods that otherwise would have been thrown away either because it has reached the expiration date or because of packaging damage. They have made a deal with Føtex, one of the biggest supermarket chains in Denmark, for bread and other products. The surplus store also has agreements with importers of citrus fruits, a butchers, and a producer of organic fruit and nut bars.Volunteers pick up the produce from the suppliers. © WeFood / fb.com

Wefood is hoping to help reduce the 700,000 tonnes of food waste Denmark produces every year. If WeFood’s popularity continues and they are able to maintain its food deliveries, the store wants to open branches across the country.

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