Urban Institute Riga
11. novembra krastmala 35 , LV1050 Riga
+371 28321777

The Urban Institute is an NGO based in Riga that collaborates with urban movements, professionals, academics and municipal and state institutions to create more liveable communities for everyone.  The Urban Institute works on many different projects engaging with a wide range of people.  They operate as a networking platform for everybody engaged in urbanism, organise events and carry out urban research.

© Urban Institute

With the goal of strengthening urban movements and supporting communities and municipalities, the institute understands urbanism as a holistic, interdisciplinary and inter-cultural piece of public art that should be accessible for everyone.  They work to create create liveable communities in Latvia’s capital and beyond.

© Urban Institute

The institute seeks to
find and promote urban partners & friends;
cooperate with education institutions of all kind;
organise events, seminars & exhibitions fostering ideas of urbanism;
publish initiatives & experts statements & ideas;
design & carry out applied research;
strengthen urban societies & cooperate with local organisations;
support communities & municipal institutions;
activate a lively culture of urbanism;
promote participatory & intercultural societies!

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