Urban Gorillas
Vasileos Pavlou 78, Kaimakli , 1021 Nicosia

Imagine how many creative activities you could perform in a public space. Urban Gorillas is encouraging those ideas in order to regenerate and improve urban places. Taking a healthy, sustainable and social view, they create projects and actions to inspire change in the city.

Urban Gorillas intend to make cities more lively, sustainable, liveable, interactive, beautiful and more accessible to inhabitants. Through the city community (artists, urban activists, entrepreneurs, students, architects, researchers and volunteers) and diverse organisations, they reflect on how to enhance and innovate public spaces that are underutilized in Cyprus.

Their website includes a platform where they invite you to initiate discussions, share  ideas and contribute building a project with them.Using an interactive map, they give you the chance to point to potential public spaces around the city that you think should be reflected and improved upon.

Among the initiatives they organised, ΦουσκόPolis is a series of temporary architecture installations in the form of giant inflatables in public spaces all over Cyprus. This is a grassroots initiative that was aimed to activate public spaces and challenge our perceptions and uses of public space.

Come and meet them at the City Makers Pre-Summit on the 4th-5th of February!

Involved city makers
Rene Carraz
Director of Research Urban Gorillas
Veronika Antoniou
Founder and creative director Urban Gorillas
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