Urban Experience
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Urban Experience is a cultural planning field to play the cities through the creative practices of the performing media: an enabling condition for the creativity of social networks can reinvent public space between web and territory. The areas on which work ranging from urban participatory environmental education, from experiential tourism to the creative management of conflicts, from education for citizenship ‘ “learning everywhere” and urban resilience to the new showmanship of interactive and mobile cross-media happenings.

Urban Experience activities are shaped around the idea of: “feet on the ground and head in the cloud”. They do this through the walkabout or also called urban explorations conversations based on the use of whisper-radio systems and smartphones to “write stories in the geographies” through blogging/geoblog. They make use of different elements that converge into what is called the performing/media or storytelling.


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Urban Experience plays around the definition of “walkabout” by associating it with “talkabout” and thus relaunching the idea of urban explorations whereby simple things such as walks and talks are woven into the original complexity of performing/media storytelling. These nomadic talks are characterized by the use of whisper radio, i.e. smart phones and ear cuffs connected with a radio/receiver which allows listening to the voices of the walking-talking heads and to selected audio excerpts. This translates into playgrounds of civic participation whereby active individuals talk side-by-side while they watch around, learn from everywhere and thus activate workshops of shared awareness and psychogeographic explorations. Poetic and political practice of urban resilience made possible by performing media with whisper-radio and smart phones for a map/casting exercise with feet on the ground and mind in the cloud. (Urban Experience)

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