Tuinen van West
Tom Schreursweg 48 , 1067 MC Amsterdam

De Tuinen van West or gardens of the West, brings together four different green parts in the West-end of the city. Every area has its own specialisation and programme. The combination of old farms, beautiful views, nature, art, culture and gardening companies, offers the perfect place to temporarily escape the hectic city life. 

One of the initiators of the Tuinen van West is Robin van Asperen, who founded MijnStadstuin. He provides help and support to the gardens that individuals can keep. He calls this Gardening 2.0, in which everyone is able to grow their vegetables.

Other parts of the garden include the Bee Park, where you can find a museum, flower garden and bee keeping spot altogether. A group of bee keepers are in charge of 22 gardens, where they can inspire each other and teach others how to keep bees.

The 1800 Roeden is a cultural hub/ business area for sustainable entrepreneurs, artists and artisans. These people work here together to create furniture, organise cultural events and work on traditional crafts. And they do all this surrounded by nature.

Next to the 1800 Roeden, you can find the Rijk of the Keizer (Kingdom of the King). This is a location that you can rent for your business meetings, wedding or other parties. Next to that, there is the possibility to have lunch in the canteen.

Big companies like La Place, Smeding and De Krat get their vegetables from Kwekerij Osdorp. Here, the most exotic vegetables are grown by employees that have difficulties finding a job. Research has shown that it is very good for these people to work in agriculture, that’s why initiators Jeroen Rijpkema and Jeroen Klaassen decided to combine the two elements.

 To discover as many places as possible, you can rent a bike. There are regular bike tours, in which story telling plays in big role.
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