Tours & Taxis
Avenue du Port, 86c , 1000 Brussels
+32 2 420 60 69
 The industrial architecture and sheer scale of Tours & Taxis is astonishing. After the renovation of the structure with the creation of a glass rood and flooring , it was reopened as a commercial shopping center with design and furniture stores, restaurants and offices. Cultural events, shows, fairs, conferences also take place in Tours & Taxis. Its is still in the process of redevelopment so current activities are due to change. This large scale renewal of former industrial area is part of the ongoing gentrification of Brussels overlooked canal district.
by Stephane Mignon
Tours & Taxis is named after the two owners Thurn und Taxis which was mispronounced to Tour et Taxis by Francophones and then translated into Dutch Thurn en Taxis. The current structure is an old postal and customs office which functioned as the port and warehouse near the canal  where maritime and rail installations took place. As the customs center was was rendered redundant after the opening of the European Customs center, the giant buildings were abandoned and began deteriorating. Since then the building was bought by Extensa, real estate development company, to create an urban mixed-use district.
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