Totaldobže is an art centre that provides a stage for creatives from different art disciplines. The centre not only serves those who create or perform art, but it is also a welcoming place for those who enjoys art and culture and who want to get familiar with it. Music, dance, literature and contemporary visual art are only a small selection of the large variety of things to see at Totaldobže. 

One of the most important roles it currently fulfils is creating cultural diversity and making public space available to everyone. This is partly why Totaldobže decided to leave the former factory VEF that it was previously situated in. Instead they are travelling around; constantly looking for new spaces to perform and exhibit.

Black Holes

Black Holes is a project initiated by Totaldobže and consists of four different regular activities: improvisations, concerts, a laboratory of perceptions and creative workshops. The creative workshops encourage artists to step out of their comfort zone and look at other disciplines for inspiration. The exchange between different artistic and cultural backgrounds is the goal here, not the art they produce themselves. However collaborations do inspire many to create something new.

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