Tag Del
Enghavevej 80 , 2450 Copenhagen

This online crowdsourcing platform brings together citizens, municipalities, ministries and companies.

Tag Del is a crowdsourcing platform where citizens can post their solutions for societal problems, bringing together the bottom and the top. Everyone can create a profile, post problems and solutions all to create a better future.

A selection of questions on the platform:

  • Do you know projects that can help underprivileged youth start their own businesses?
  • How can we attract more youth to participate in voluntary work in Greve?
  • How can the use of ITC improve the quality of live of people with autism?

Their works is also supported by the research project  CIDEA (Citizen Driven Environmental Action) that has shown that necessary policy on climate change can be driven by ‘collaborative arrangements’ consisting of citizen participation and communities offer new solutions to local authorities and promote social cohesion in local communities.


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