Liosion 22 , 104 38 Athens

SynAthina is an Athens based community platform that encourages citizens to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of their neighborhood and city.

The former documentary maker Amalia Zepou, as deputy mayor of Athens for civil society, is the initiator of SynAthina. She believes that it should be the role of the town to provide the framework and instruments for initiatives to present themselves; this became SynAthina.

SynAthina facilitates citizens’ creativity to modernize local government to improve quality of life and strengthen the democratic process.

What is SynAthina about? The aim of the platform is to offer a means of communication for the exchange of knowledge, best practices and expertise, in order to encourage the flourishment of new ideas for the city and update municipality services and procedures. It can also be used as a city-agenda for citizens. And last but not least; it offers different podcasts.

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