Studio Alta
U Výstaviště 21 , Prague

A former warehouse, Studio Alta is now a performance space that pushes boundaries to create intense experiences that inspire creativity. Founded in 2007, Studio Alta is an independent space for different forms of contemporary theatre that has a specific emphasis on dance and physical theatre. It serves as a unique platform for professional theatre, rehearsals, community activities and performances for children. Their activities include the support of independent productions, presentations, and the organization of festivals and educational events.

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Studio Alta produces several of their own shows each year.  One of their past productions, Angel-Y was about the everyday experience of two angels waiting, how they entertain themselves and express their raw reality.

Studio Alta is home to a multiplicity of functions.  First and foremost Studio Alta is a contemporary performance and theatre space.  You can go and enjoy their productions.  As a performer, there different rooms as rehearsal spaces for projects ranging from theatre to dance to music that are open to be rented out.  Additionally, every moth, Studio Alta organizes workshops with top artists and choreographers that you can check out here. As well, as an aspiring artists, within Alta, you will also find Altík,children’s dance studio offering movement, dance and drama courses for children aged 1-15 years as well as courses for their parents.

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Besides performance spaces, you can also enjoy a local snack or drink at in their own cafe. They have a changing menu and offer local products and also host different programs there ranging from lectures to exhibitions. You can also find a nice co-working space within the studio that has everything you need to accomplish your goals.

Go to Studio Alta where you can watch theatre performances, produce them, rehearse new projects, meet and get to know like-minded people and work or relax in the café!  Find out more here.

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