Shedia Street Magazine
Favierou 24 – 26 , 10438 Athens

Athens is a hotbox for solidarity initiatives. Confronted with the economic crisis, Athenians decided to help eachother in rough times. This results in social pharmacies, squatted shelters, suspended coffees, … all together meticulously creating the tight social fabric of Athens. Shedia, a street magazine sold by the homeless plays a big role in this movement.

“Ten years ago, nobody in Athens was homeless.”, says Christos Alefantis, editor in chief and founder of Shedia Magazine, “it’s quite a new thing.” Struck by this new observation in his city, Christos wanted to do something about it: he founded the Greek National Homeless Team. Seeing the positive effects of this football team regarding the member’s quality of life, he wondered if he could do more: Shedia magazine was born.

Shedia magazine is sold on street corners and subway exits by homeless people, providing them with a steady income to get their life on the rails again. The magazine is sold at €3 and the vendor directly receives €1,5. The organisation is primarily about the homeless, giving them their active role in society back. The magazine is solely a means to an end. Apart from this they also organise Invisible Tour, a tour given by the homeless vendors to see Athens with their experience and background. So if you want to explore the city from an alternative point of view, take this tour, you won’t regret it!

– This story was made possible by The Caravan’s Journal

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